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Amount of FTV Coins Deluxe

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The following Bonuses apply

EUR 0 to EUR 100 000 0 %
EUR 100 001 to EUR 500 000 10 %
EUR 500 001 to EUR 1 000 000 15 %
EUR 1 000 001 to EUR 2 000 000 20 %
EUR 2 000 001 to EUR above 25 %

* The amount shown is valid at the time you are using this calculator. Bonuses shown above may not be applicable if you are purchasing FTV Coins Deluxe at a later point in time. These Bonuses are payable in FTV Coin Deluxe. Bonuses are not applicable for any employee, consultant and agent of the Developer or the FashionTV Group.

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Wallet Address

Enter the address of the wallet from which you will be sending the funds from. This will help us identify the payment.

Please enter the wallet address that FTV Coins Deluxe will be delivered to you. Make sure to use a wallet software that supports ERC20-Tokens.

Statements & Consent

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